Facial Treatment Cap For Full Body IPL Device LumaRx

Facial Treatment Cap For Full Body IPL Device LumaRx delivers light energy at a wavelength that reaches hair at the root with an energy level



Facial Treatment Cap For Full Body IPL Device LumaRx delivers light energy at a wavelength that reaches hair at the root with an energy level spread across a long pulse length–making it one of the most effective at-home hair removal devices. For those who want professional-grade ipl treatments for long-lasting hair reduction. Men and women can use on body hair, such as underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, chest and stomach; but only on female facial hair on the cheeks, sideburns, chin, neck areas, and above the lips. Use on light to medium skin tones–best on dark hair.

A Deeper Look Into IPL Technology

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology has been in use for more than 20 years and is one of the most effective technologies for long-lasting hair reduction.

It utilizes a broad spectrum of light with filters to block out lower and higher frequencies of light, such as ultraviolet, that are unnecessary for hair removal treatments. The light is applied using pulses or bursts of energy.

How it Works

  • Light-based technology emits light energy that penetrates deep into the skin to reach the hair root.
  • The heat stuns the active hair follicles, which disrupts the hair growth cycle and helps prevent future hair growth.
  • The treated hair falls out within 7-10 days.

Our Advantage

Optimal IPL Effectiveness

We have built LumaRx® devices with the optimal ranges for all three of these technology parameters, which is why our at-home IPL devices are so safe and effective.

The energy output determines the amount of device power to effectively treat the hair. A hair removal device needs enough power to not just reach the hair, but to damage the hair and disrupt the growth process.

The power should be delivered over a longer length of time in order to thoroughly and evenly heat the hair follicle while keeping the surrounding skin cool. Longer pulses are more gentle and effective at gradually heating the hair shaft.

The light energy must reach deep enough beneath the skin’s surface to the hair root to effectively treat the hair follicle.

We Put Energy
Where it Counts

We’ve engineered our treatment windows using cutting-edge filters – similar to what professional devices use – to help spread the energy evenly across the window. This provides more uniformity of energy output and reduces the “hot spots” that are commonly found on traditional treatment windows.

Only LumaRx® Facial Treatment devices have ComfortFilterTM technology that blocks harmful UV energy as well as infrared energy. This allows us to focus the light energy for safe, effective, comfortable treatments.

Anatomy of Your Hair

Your hair is comprised of the hair shaft, which is what you see on the surface of your skin…

The follicle, wich is below the skin’s surface, and the papilla, which is at the root, near the follicle.

This papilla area is the focus of IPL treatments because it contains the living part of the hair and must be targeted in order to prevent future growth.

Your Hair
Growth Cycle

At any given time, you will have active hair that is growing; hair that is resting or not growing; and hair that is in a transitional phase between active and resting.

In order to effectively target hair for removal, the hair must be in the active growth phase. Approximately 50% of hair is in the active growth phase at any time. This means that you can treat the majority of your hair, but it is also important to perform follow-up treatments to target hair that may have been in a resting or transitional phase.

Backed by Science

Our team of world-class physicians, scientists, engineers, regulatory specialists and technology entrepreneurs has been hard at work for about a decade to develop and perfect advanced, light-based hair removal devices.

Our technology for Facial Treatment was pioneered by one of the nation’s leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC (and Shaser co-founder). Dr. Dover teamed with us to develop our IPL hair removal devices with specifications, features and treatment parameters most similar to clinical IPL machines.

In 2011 we became one of the few global companies to receive FDA clearance to market our hair removal devices to U.S. consumers.

Spectrum Brands acquired a majority stake in Shaser Bioscience in 2012, giving Spectrum full access to Shaser’s team and extensive product roadmap.


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